"I'd been sleeping rough in parks for months. The cold was bad enough but I was also attacked and robbed. I've made new friends and have slept well since moving into Pepe Court Boarding House" Phillip Carnavan - Tenant


Southern Homeless Network (SHN) provides large, share style accommodation for individuals in a state of homelessness and those at risk.

Tenants are provided with a clean, fully furnished room; furniture (i.e., bed, wardrobe, television) and linen (i.e., blanket, pillow, quilt, towel) are supplied. All SHN houses comply with Local, State and Federal building and safety regulations. Approved hard wired smoke detectors including sprinkler systems, where necessary, have been installed and all houses are certified with Class 1B occupancy permits and council health approval.

All rooms are fitted with locks to ensure privacy, safety and security. All houses have ample parking and are located within close proximity to shops and public transport.

SHN endeavours to promote a safe and happy environment for all tenants. Illicit drug use will not be tolerated on the premises. Threatening, hostile or violent behaviour may result in immediate eviction.


The Change Cycle is a social philanthropic experiment inspired by the team at SHN and aimed at providing individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to indigenous communities in Australia. The project aims to provide individuals with a greater sense of meaning and purpose and an opportunity to belong to a group with a common goal of restoring unloved bikes so they can be given to children and adults from indigenous communities who can love them again. The project workshop is based at a Southern Homeless Network property.


We hope to create long term change- not only for those receiving bicycles, but for those restoring them also. We aim to break down myths and misconceptions about homelessness and empower our group with a sense of self worth and efficacy developed from helping others. As well as gaining a sense of belonging, Change Cycle members have an opportunity to learn new skills for future employment and contribute positively to the environment by recycling old bikes!


Mr Stuart Allen
Housing Director and Co Founder of the Change Cycle

BH: (+61) 41 222 0596
E: cavorca@yahoo.com
P.O. Box 262, Mt Eliza VIC 3930
W: www.wix.com/thechangecycle/bicycle_recycle